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Norman Rockwell Self Portrait
Norman Perceval Rockwell, 1894-1978, was a American painter. Rockwell art enjoy a popular appeal for their reflection of American culture. The best-known Rockwell paintings are the Willie Gillis series, Rosie the Riveter, The Problem We All Live With, no landscape paintings. In 2013-2014 the majority of Rockwell oil painting was exhibited at the Reading Public Museum and the Church History Museum. The 1994 film Forrest Gump drew heavy visual inspiration from Rockwell paintings.
His Breaking Home Ties sold for $15.4 million in 2006 auction. The 2013 sale of Saying Grace for $46 million.
Norman Rockwell artwork
Norman Perceval Rockwell, 1894-1978, est un peintre et illustrateur américain. Ses art sont populaires aux Etats-Unis parce qu'elles reflètent la culture américaine. Rockwell tableaux les plus célèbres sont la série des اللوحات الفنية « Willie Gillis », « Rosie la riveteuse » (Rosie the Riveter), « Notre problème à tous » (The Problem We All Live With), etc. Le film « Forrest Gump » de 1994 a beaucoup tiré l'inspiration des peintuers de Rockwell.
La peintures à l'huile de Rockwell a été exposé aux musées de lecture publique et aux musées d'histoire des églises en 2013-2014. Son œuvre « Rupture des liens familiaux » (Breaking Home Ties) a été adjugée pour 15,4 millions de dollars aux enchères en 2006 et une autre « Dire les Grâces » (Saying Grace) pour 46 millions de dollars en 2013.
Norman-Rockwell bilder
Norman Perceval Rockwell, 1894-1978, war ein amerikanischer Maler. Populär ist er, weil sich in seiner Kunst amerikanische Kultur in besonderer Weise widerspiegelt. Zu seinen bekanntesten Gemälden zählen unter Anderem „Willie Gillis”, „Rosie the Riveter” und „The Problem We All Live With”. Der Großteil von Rockwells Ölmalereien wurde von 2013 bis 2014 im Reading Public Museum und im Church History Museum ausgestellt. Viele Szenen des 1994 entstandenen Films "Forrest Gump" sind durch die Bilder Rockwells inspiriert.
„Breaking Home Tie” wurde 2006 für 15,4 Mio. Dollar versteigert. „Saying Grace” erzielte 2013 einen Auktionspreis von 46 Mio. Dollar.
Norman Rockwell Christmas
诺曼•珀西瓦尔•洛克威尔(英语姓名Norman Perceval Rockwell), 1894-1978,美国画家。 洛克威尔的艺术因反应了美国文化而广受欢迎。洛克威尔最出名的画作当属《威利•吉利斯》系列(Willie Gillis)、《女子铆钉工》(Rosie the Riveter)、《我们共同面对的问题》(The Problem We All Live With)等。2013年到2014年间,大部分洛克威尔油画在公共阅读博物馆和教堂历史博物馆展出。1994年的电影《阿甘正传》(Forrest Gump)的视觉灵感大部分来源于洛克威尔的画。
他的《背井离乡》(Breaking Home Ties)在2006年的拍卖会上成交价为1540万美元。2013年《祷告》(Saying Grace)的成交价则为4600万美元。
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It’s hard to find a painter that had such a likable personality. Norman Rockwell was the complete opposite of what people associated with how an artist carries themselves. Born February 3rd 1894, he has become one of the most overlooked American artists of his time same with andy warhol and roy lichtenstein. Although he achieved great fame in the states, internationally he never really was as big a hit. This was most likely due to the subject and stories of Norman Rockwell paintings, which focused heavily on American culture and ideals like pablo picasso and henri matisse. As skilled a painter as Rockwell was over the year, he was equally as famous for his cover illustrations for ‘The Saturday Evening Post’. This partnership almost lasted 50 years, and created some great and unforgettable artworks paintings. He was also heavily involved with illustration work with the ‘Boy Scouts of America’ for an incredible 64 years. So where does Norman Rockwell painting come in? His first successful painting that started it all was when he was only 21 years old, earlier than salvador dali and marc chagall, and it came in the form of a cover painting to the Post titled ‘Mother’s Day Off’. This would start off a great career, said in toperfect.com reviews, that would intertwine with several other projects and make him a well-rounded, loved, and absolutely unforgettable artist.
Norman Rockwell œuvres d'art

Analysis of Norman Rockwell Paintings

An American artist that flew under the radar for a good portion of his career was Norman Rockwell, who did great in America but didn’t quite get a huge international following as other famed American artists.
One of the most famous Norman Rockwell paintings is of course ‘Portrait of John F. Kennedy’, a 1960 painting that perfectly captures President Kennedy in his prime. From the hair, right down to the skin tone and profile, Rockwell nailed it and made one of the better presidential painting portraits of all time. The gaze and smile from him in the Norman Rockwell oil painting is so spot on that it is like looking at the President directly in person.
In an almost comical way ‘Boy with Baby Carriage’ pokes fun at youth in a very clever way. Two young boys in baseball clothes mock a boy with a suit pushing a baby carriage, salvador dali, pablo picasso, henri matisse, marc chagall, andy warhol. It looks like a movie poster for ‘Little Rascals’, and with the look on the boy’s face being so priceless, it may very well have been a better choice for the poster. Catching youth in those magical moments is a fun thing to watch toperfect reviews, even if it is a disappointed young man that would rather be anywhere but in his current position. Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving

List of paintings famous as Rockwell artworks are: Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, The Scream, Starry Night Van Gogh, Picasso Guernica, Melting Clocks, Persistence Of Memory, The Birth of Venus, Manet Olympia, Iris Van Gogh, The Kiss Klimt, Van Gogh Self Portrait, Van Gogh Sunflowers, Monet Water Lilies, Creation of Adam, Girl With A Pearl Earring, Cafe Terrace at Night, Las Meninas, Rembrandt Night Watch, Primavera Botticelli, Impression Sunrise, Liberty Leading the People, Dogs Playing Poker.
Scouting with Daniel Boone is simple, and is a Norman Rockwell painting that has a lot of older values attached to it. Boone stands in the painting clutching his rifle in one hand like joan miro and rene magritte. His strong stance and demeanor explode out of the painting, and is done so without the use of any dominant colors as talked on toperfect.com reviews & complaints. This is a very technically strong painting from Rockwell that shows why he was such a great illustrator as well as painter. He could outdraw just about anyone in his prime, and when it came to painting, this was a good show of his skills in multiple settings. Famous contemporary art for sale are jack vettriano, tamara de lempicka and edward hopper. In the much beloved ‘Girl reading Palm’, Rockwell inadvertently created one of the prettiest women ever in a painting. It shows a beautiful young woman and a young man sitting down together on a bench, with her attempting to read his fortune. She holds his hand firmly, and it’s clear by how she is leaning in that she is very much in control of the situation. The great thing about this Norman Rockwell paintings for sale is the expression on the man’s face, as he is more interested in getting his fortune told than he is in the young lady that is holding his hand.
The most creative self-portrait in history was done by Norman Rockwell, as he painted a picture of him painting a portrait of himself, with the Rockwell in the painting eyeing a mirror trying to get the details just right like diego rivera and frida kahlo. It is an expected tongue in cheek way of doing a self-portrait, and it is the type of wit that many began to love and appreciate from the painter. His personality was as much fun as his dedication to great art.

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